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Work Packages
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Work Packages

        The project consists of 13 workpackages including a workpackage for project management. These workpackages cover all important areas of microelectronic design and microsystems. One workpackage (WP1) is specially addressed to "newcomers", i.e. institutions which have previous traditions and experiences in microelectronic research and training but are "new" on the European scene: they are planing to join EUROPRACTICE, acquire new software tools and learn how to use and maintain them. This workpackage is planned for the first 18 months of the project only. All other workpackages are planned for the full duration of the project (36 months). They include a workpackage for development of distance learning tools and contents (WP8), a workpackage for dissemination of the results (WP10) and a workpackage for management of the project (WP13). Other workpackages (WP2 to WP7) are devoted to training actions in specific fields such as system on chip design, testing and design for testability of systems on chip, analogue and RF design, thermal problems in microelectronic design, microsystem design and nonstandard chip architectures. Workpackage 9 is devoted to design of EDUCHIP: an educational VLSI integrated circuit to be used in student's labs in universities.

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