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The brief information about The Training and Competence Centre (TCC) at VSTU

         The Training and Competence Center at VSTU was orginized on the base the educational and Research group of professor Vladimir Lantsov. This group more than twenty years works in the area of development EDA software for design and simulation of radio and telecommunication devices, design of electronic circuits.
        During several last years the group active participates at European projects, the aims of which are dissemination of the state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies, and up-to-date CAD tools among Educational Institutions and SMEs, and also teaching and retraining of specialists to use this tools.
         VSTU from 1994 participated in EUROCHIP/EUROPRACTICE Project. From 1997 in the frame of European Program COPERNICUS was funded the project SP960170-SYTIC, which objective was organisation and opening of Training and Competence Center (TCC) in the area of electronic design on the basis of the leading institutes and universities of Central and East Europe.
        Such Center was organised at the VSTU in May, 1997.

The main goals of TCC

  • New design methodologies research
  • Inclusion this materials in educational process
  • Material distribution for Universitys and SME
  • Take part in European contracts


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